Hippie Fashion Revival

by labdagatic on Oct 11, 2015

Disclaimer // Photo taken from random sources

Hippie, as a type of style, is a manifestation of liberty to some individuals. People who wear hippie garments become independent or unique on their own way, and in this way feel happy about it.

Hippies were a part of a youth movement, made out of the more youthful generation and adolescents between the ages of 15 and 25. These young people or hippies revolted and criticized conformed middle-class value and lifestyle, embraced components of non-Judeo-Christian religions, protested against the Vietnam War, promote sexual liberation, and made purposeful communities, frequently considering their tribe as new religious movement. Hippies favored "peace, love, and individual liberty over political and social uniformity.

The hippies fashion design was embraced by the adolescent and even seniors over America, in the 1960s. The main attraction of the decade and years later was on the liveliness of the clothing and accessories and not on what others thought around a specified appearance. People, commonly, brandished clothes that they felt represent themselves and their individualism and not for the purpose of satisfying the general line of fashion. The emerging rock music and global protest against social marks of stigma like apartheid produced the Levi and denim. It was the period of casual clothing; an age when individuals felt that drug addiction was alright to explore with. The hippies, as they were regularly depicted by the 'prim and proper' and socially liable citizens, created an entire new way of life of their own.

As for the women's jewelry was basically focused around nature or from Native American or any comparative handcrafted designs. Any jewelry applied  a peace sign with Beads was widely popular. Jewelry that made music was exceptionally alluring since music was a key part of the radical hippie scene. Neckbands that featured bells as pendants and jangly ankle bracelets were a trend among ladies. Generally, the ankles got the most attention, particularly among those living on the warm west coast, because many hippies chose to walk barefoot..

Hippies opposed the post war grotesqueness on the planet and turned the enthusiasm of fashion designers towards as much natural quality as could reasonably be expected. The youth movement influenced the teenager design industry in a significant manner. Styles continue changing with time, however young ladies that discovered their distinction and style in the 1960s have never released it and passed much of their own radical impact on to their daughters.