by labdagatic on Oct 21, 2014

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     The meaning of the “Eye” to the ancient Egyptians symbolize healing, restoration, protection and sacrifice. The Eye was believed to have the power to heal the living and to protect the dead in this context is the mummies. The name for this ancient amulet is the Eye of Horus, the Egyptian word is “udjat” and it was also known as the Wadjet. The Egyptians believed that an eye amulet could gain the deceased a seat on the Boat of Ra.

     The Eye Amulet originated from the earliest astral mythology and was first represented by the point within the circle that was associated with the gods of Sirius the pole star (Sothis, Orisris and Isis). Sirius the pole star was eternal, an emblem of strength of purpose, poise, and stability. The heliacal rising of the pole star Sirius was extremely important as it was used by the ancient Egyptians to predict the coming of the annual Nile flood.

     The 'point within the circle' symbol was one of the hieroglyphic signs of the sun-god Ra. This ancient Egyptian symbol represented the one supreme power casting his eye over all the world.

     As time passed the 'point within the circle' was represented as a widely open eye. The symbol was referred to as the 'Eye of Ra, the 'Eye of Horus' and the 'Eye of Osiris' - all extremely important Egyptian gods whose attributes such wisdom, stability, foresight, strength, and courage were believed to be inherent in the talisman.

Eye of Ra

     When two eyes are used together the right eye is symbolic of Ra, or Osiris and the sun. The left eye represents Horus, Isis, or the moon,

     The amulet as the Eye of Osiris was placed upon the incision made in the side of a mummy by the embalms to watch over and guard the soul of the deceased during its passing through the darkness of the tomb to the Afterlife.

     The ancient Egyptians used the eye as a funerary talisman or amulet for protection against evil and to guide their rebirth in the underworld.

     The eye symbol was also widely used in necklaces to ensure that the eye itself would watch over and guard its wearer from the glances of the envious. The ancient Egyptians believed that jealousy, hatred, and malice pierced in 'fiery sparks' from the eyes of angry and evil people who were envious of the good looks, health, and success of the fortunate ones.