About The Brand

The idea of LABDAGATIC came in 2011 when Agita who is fancy with bright pop colours meet with Sulung who has ethnic background style. They are united with their fond of handmade goods and craftmanship. Through their interaction, the idea to make a line of jewelry that fused ethnic and pop accent was born. Labdagatic was born.

LABDAGATIC always concerns with details in each of our product because we aim to produce high quality accessories product. Our themed accessories lines which are Color Love Hippie, The Dream Catcher, Summer Traveler, The Elf Tribe, and Lore are the example of our craftmanship and careful treatment to details.

LABDAGATIC uses glass beads, stones and threads as the basic material, we dont limit ourselves, we’re open to experimentation and don’t stick with usual material. The big idea is to produce pop yet ethnic jewelry and we mix ethnic elements from Indonesian culture, Hindi, African, Indian, and Tibetan. We find those concept very matching with the street style such as Hippie accent and Bohemian accent. Each of every stone we use not only radiates beauty and details but also represent special meanings and cultural mysticism. Imaginative and supernatural is our vision for your fashion satisfaction.

LABDAGATIC emphasize not only in beauty but also comfort. We use threads that is durable and longlasting, also the material we use for the thread guaranteed won’t cause any dermal problems or irritation on skin.